When Indians and Pakistanis talk to each other

A pioneering initiative of The Red Elephant Foundation (Chennai, India), The Building Peace Project (2014-15), in its first season was weaved around an unflinching belief in the power of citizen driven interactions through new media technology. Young people from conflict zones can come together on a shared platform to talk to each other. Nine pairs of Indians and Pakistanis undertook a year long journey of exchange, interaction, collaboration and friendship under the umbrella of The Building Peace Project. Post the year long interaction and exchange, these ambassadors of peace in India and Pakistan express their ideas on what the project meant to them, how they built everlasting friendships and acquired sensitivity and understanding to accommodate differing perspectives. These young people have been able to shed the baggage of historical animosity and disseminate their own version of what it means to be 'friends' with the 'enemy'. Their stories of peace, here, in their own words...


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